Dec 52019

Virginia State Bar Professionalism Course

The Supreme Court of Virginia has approved a mandatory course on Professionalism and the Virginia Rules of Professional Conduct. By order of the Supreme Court, September 7, 1987, "...any active member licensed after June 30, 1988, and any other member who changes his or her membership to active status shall complete the required course within twelve months of becoming an active member. Failure to comply with this Rule shall subject the active member to the penalties set forth in Paragraph 19 herein..." (¶13.1, ¶19, §IV, Part Six, Rules of the Virginia Supreme Court.)

The program will be taught by a select faculty of prominent Virginia lawyers and judges appointed by Virginia Supreme Court Chief Justice Donald W. Lemons. The curriculum will focus on the Virginia Rules of Professional Conduct and lawyers' broader ethical obligations to their clients, to the judicial system, and to society.

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