Nov 14-15 2021

2021 Virginia Junior Classical League Convention

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Event Registration: Exhibit Hall Pavilion | Registration Lobby

This is a private event. 

The VJCL State Convention offers Latin students opportunities which cannot be obtained through any simple, non-affiliated local Latin club: basically, an exchange of ideas about programs and raising money, an exposure to classical scholars from Virginia and neighboring states, an opportunity to compete in a wide variety of contests, and a chance to interact personally with Latin students from other schools in the state. Seeing other Latin students enjoying their study of Latin has changed many students’ attitudes toward their own study of Latin.
A typical VJCL Convention program offers a Roman banquet, costume contest, dance, general assemblies, seminar speakers, campaigning and election of VJCL officers, academic contests, artwork and crafts competitions, oral contests of English and Latin oratory, dramatic interpretation of Latin, and storytelling. Academic contests include mythology, derivatives, Roman history and life, Latin vocabulary and grammar, and Latin literature. Artwork can be done in a variety of media. Crafts include such areas as posters, models, mosaics, textiles, maps, charts, sculpture, dolls, and jewelry.