Planner Checklist

The entire Greater Richmond Convention Center team is looking forward to working with you to create a very successful event! We’ve created this checklist to assist you in your planning process.

Once you have signed and returned your license agreement and first deposit, your account will be turned over to our Event Services Department. At that time you will be assigned a personal Event Manager who will work with you during the logistical planning of your event activity. Although you may continue to have dialogue with your Sales Manager (modifying space needs, submitting a Certificate of Insurance, etc.), the Event Manager will be your primary point of contact with the facility and will serve as your liaison for all facility-related services (i.e. room set requirements, event security & staffing, utilities, parking, telecommunications, HVAC, etc.) The Event Manager can also assist you in working with our in-house service contractors for food and beverage and audiovisual needs.

 Adhering to the schedule outlined in the checklist is critical to ensuring a successful event.