Box Office

Box Office Policies
The Greater Richmond Convention Center (“Facility”) has two permanent box office locations. The main box office is located adjacent to Exhibit Hall “A” and has three sales windows. There is an auxiliary box office with two sales windows located between Exhibit Halls “C” and “D”. Additionally, there are two portable ticket booths that can be strategically placed throughout the Facility.

Spectra Venue Management (formerly Global Spectrum) (“Operator”) manages all box office operations. The Operator’s main point of contact for box office issues is the Box Office Manager.

Licensee may not bring its own manager into the Box Office to manage the same, but may appoint a liaison to work with the Operator’s Box Office Manager. Box office sales records for your event will be made available to you or your liaison during show hours.

Policies and charges related to Facility box office operations are as follows. Should you have any further questions, please contact the Box Office Manager or your Event Manager.

Ticket Printing
The Operator shall have complete and sole supervision over the ordering, sale, distribution and collection of tickets for the event. The Licensee may order tickets directly from a bonded printing company. The Operator’s Box Office Manager shall approve all tickets prior to an order being placed. All tickets, along with a certified manifest from the ticket printing company, shall be shipped directly to the Operator’s Box Office Manager. Failure to do so may result in an additional labor charge being assessed by the Operator in order to verify ticket inventory.

The Operator shall determine the seating capacity for events, with approval by City of Richmond Department of Fire and Emergency Services. Licensee shall not permit to be sold or distributed, tickets or passes in excess of the approved seating capacity of the licensed space.

Licensee may negotiate with Ticketmaster directly, and rates may vary. Ticketmaster customers may also pay a service charge to the agency for each ticket purchased.
The Box Office Manager will issue an allotment of tickets to Ticketmaster at the Licensee’s request and will obtain an audit report that outlines the number of tickets sold in advance of the event and the remaining tickets available for sale.

Fiduciary Control
The Operator shall have complete custody and control of monies received from the sale of tickets. All such funds shall be the rightful property of the Facility for the purpose of applying these funds towards payment of any fees or other costs becoming due to the Facility. Excess funds remaining on account after settlement will be refunded to the Licensee.

Box Office Fee
The Operator shall provide all ticket and box office services for the Licensee in connection with the event. The Licensee acknowledges that the Facility’s box office will only sell tickets on the day of the event unless “pre-sale” arrangements are made with, and agreed to by, the Box Office Manager. Only employees under the direct control and supervision of the Operator shall be permitted to use the Facility’s box office and/or ticket booth facilities. As consideration for the performance of such duties by the Operator, the Licensee shall pay the Facility the following:

  • One hundred ninety five dollars ($195.00) per day that ticket are sold; and
  • Cost of tickets printed for the event by the Operator; and
  • Operator’s prevailing hourly rate for box office supervision and ticket seller services

Credit Cards / Personal Checks
Should the Licensee elect to have the Box Office accept credit cards, a processing fee of 3.50% on all Master Card, Visa and American Express sales will be assessed to the Licensee during the final settlement of the event. Operator may accept personal checks for ticket purchases. The Licensee shall guarantee payment of such checks.

Licenses and Taxes

  • Admission Tax: City of Richmond Code (27-202) requires the Greater Richmond Convention Center to assess a 7% tax on Gross Ticket Sales plus the value of complimentary tickets.
  • Business License: City of Richmond Code (27-315) requires payment of an annual Business License Fee of $30.00 for a calendar year.
  • Business License Tax: City of Richmond Code assesses .0036 on the Gross Sales for each event held within the Calendar Year.

These license fees and taxes are included in final settlement of the event and are paid on behalf of the Licensee, to the City of Richmond.

Complimentary Tickets
The Operator reserves the right to restrict the number of complimentary tickets to be issued for the event. Licensee agrees to provide complimentary tickets or admission credentials to the Operator for each performance as required by the License Agreement. All complimentary tickets must be clearly identifiable and pre-approved by the Box Office Manager.

Ticket Refunds
The Licensee agrees to provide a sufficient number of tickets to the Operator for all ticketed events for the purpose of reconciliation of seating conflicts. The Operator retains the right to make ticket refunds for cause, in keeping with the Facility’s policy of retaining public faith. This shall include, but not limited to, seats blocked by equipment when exchanged for comparable location is not possible, failure of equipment, failure of acts, players, performers or participants to show or go on stage within reasonable time of schedule provided by the Licensee.
For more information, contact Brian Friedrick, Box Office/Parking Manager at (804)783-7330 or