Visitor Amenities

Richmond Region Visitor Center

Every year more than 5 million visitors come to the Richmond Region. Standing ready to greet them are travel counselors at the Richmond Region Visitor Center—a one-stop-shop for visitors. In addition to picking up brochures about attractions, events, dining and shopping, visitors can talk with the experienced travel counselors who can give directions and arrange for discount lodging reservations.

The Visitor Center also features a gift shop with extensive Richmond Region merchandise including souvenirs, T-shirts, postcards and more.

For those interested in an overview of the area, Historic Richmond Tours begins its tours at the Richmond Region Visitor Center, located on the first floor of the Exhibit Hall building. 

For more information, please call (804)783-7450, or visit

VCU Health Lactation Lounge

The VCU Health Lactation Lounge is located in the GRCC’s Ballroom Building and features comfortable seating, a table, power supply for pumping, nursing pads and easy access to restrooms. When the lounge door is closed, it can be locked from the inside and displays an “occupied” message on the outside.

The GRCC is the only convention center in the Commonwealth of Virginia to offer a permanent lactation lounge for guests. The lounge is sponsored by VCU Health as part of its commitment to supporting mothers who want to breastfeed their babies.